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Posted: Mon Jun 2 12:30:49 2014

LOST - Cat (panda boy) - Male - panda boy looks very similar to the cat felix on t

please help me find panda boy he went missing from bellmaine avenue corringham essex on 25/05/2014 he is only a small cat and i miss him so much if you see him please contact me on 07935132442

Location: Essex

Posted: Mon Jun 2 06:54:28 2014

LOST - Dog (major edwards) - Male - pit bull terrier

has micro chip went missing 2/6/14

Location: Auckland

Posted: Mon Jun 2 05:31:08 2014

LOST - Cat (Bono) - Male - Long haired tabby

Long haired tabby. White belly and boots. Bushy tail. Red collar on

Location: British Columbia

Posted: Sun Jun 1 21:40:45 2014

LOST - Cat (Blaze) - Female - Dark Grey with blaze of white down chest and face

PLEASE HELP. MISSING SINCE THURSDAY NIGHT. Blaze is 14 years and of good health, she was an indoor cat, out of her choice, we have a cat flap and large garden, but she always chose to stay in. She has NEVER wondered off, in all these years. She is a timid, gentle cat that spooks easily. PLEASE HELP. MISSING SINCE Thursday 29th May 2014 PLEASE SHARE TO EVERYONE. ESPECIALLY THOSE IN DESBOROUGH AREA REDWOOD CLOSE/OLD LEISURE CENTRE AREA NN14 2TF. Surrounding areas, ie. Corby, Kettering, Brigstock, Market Harborough. PLEASE POST EVEN IF 30/40 MILES AWAY . Her name is Blaze. She's very placid. IF YOU LIVE IN THE AREA PLEASE CHECK YOUR SHEDS. PM ME FOR PHONE NUMBER. It's possible she's snuck in one and got locked in. Also, if you visited the area she may have got in your car boot if you walked away and left it open for a second. She is quite a small dark grey and white cat with a pink nose. She has long white whiskers and a small patch of rough fur under the left hand side of her chin. She has 2 front white paws and the white travels up her rear legs about half way, then travels along her belly and up her chest. Please check your sheds, cars and spare rooms. Speak to Visitors, she may have jumped in their car/van unbeknown to them and shot out when they reached there destination. Please Repost and Share. She will come to you if coaxed but HATES BEING PICKED UP - she is a very fussy cat, but hates being smothered and will pull away. Thank you so much x

Location: Northamptonshire

Posted: Tue May 27 13:45:16 2014

LOST - Cat (toffee) - Male - ginger & white

has a backwards C on his back in white

Location: Worcestershire

Posted: Fri May 23 08:44:42 2014

LOST - Dog (sonny) - Male - brindle staffie cross

went missing from home,bruce mclaren rd henderson

Location: Auckland

Posted: Thu May 15 19:21:07 2014

LOST - Cat (Charlotte) - Female - Medium-Sized Black Cat--Vocal

Update: Charlotte came home and is safe. :-)

Location: New Jersey

Posted: Thu May 15 11:51:35 2014

LOST - Cat (elom) - Male - black but when in light hes a redish colour

he was wearing a brown leather studded collar when he went missing

Location: Essex

Posted: Thu May 15 00:45:04 2014

LOST - Dog (Daisy) - Female - Black and white little fluffy dog

Lost 14/5 Coatesville Riverhead hway

Location: Auckland

Posted: Tue May 13 11:52:22 2014

LOST - Dog (Loki) - Male - Black Samoyed X with white patches on chest

Black samoyed cross with white patches on his chest, back feet, and a small patch above his nose. His fur is much shorter than a samoyed but he still has part of the bushy tail. Should still be wearing his collar (black with silver studs). 5 Months old and very friendly so will go to almost anyone. Responds to the name Loki. Lost in the West End area on 12/05. -Neutered and microchipped.

Location: Manawatu-Wanganui