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Posted: Thu Jul 28 00:39:12 2016

LOST - Cat (Milton) - Male - Black and white. 1 year old.

He has a white chest and a black patch under his chin. He has white legs and paws. He's from the Urmston area M41. No collar/microchip. Not neutered. Last seen 22/7/16. If seen please call +44 7462 351040.

Location: Cheshire

Posted: Tue Jul 26 16:06:14 2016

FOUND - Cat - Male - Male, ginger and white cat, approx 6/7 months old

Anyone recognise this little guy? Male kitten / cat, approx. 6 / 7 months old, no collar or microchip. Found in Manchester, M14 on 23 July 2016, looking lost and distressed.

Location: Lancashire

Posted: Mon Jul 25 19:48:44 2016

LOST - Cat (Caesar) - Male - All black 2 year old neutered male cat

Recently adopted cat missing. Still a bit timid. Reward for any information.

Location: Suffolk

Posted: Thu Jul 21 14:55:16 2016

LOST - Cat (Rupert) - Male - 2 Year old male Russian Blue, green eyes+ear tufts

Missing since 14/15th July 2016. He's an outdoor / indoor cat free to roam as he pleases. He went missing while we were away during the week and was having daily visits from his grand-dad to feed him, Thursday the 14th was the last time he was seen. He spends a lot of time in fields and woodland hunting, but is very sociable & friendly also so may well come close to and into outbuildings and/or homes to have a nose around & a roll in any saw dust he finds - please please check any outbuildings or seldom used cars, vans or caravans you have even if you know for sure he can't be in them. Tufts on tip of ears, white spec high on chest, and a white spot on tummy. Slim build. Primarily Green eyes with a hint of yellow. Often shakes his lower back / base of tail as if spraying when rubbing on things / waiting to be stroked (but doesn't spray). Very sweet little meow. Very adventurous nosy ninja and likes to sneak into usually closed spaces so please check outbuildings even if you know for sure he's not there.

Location: Sussex

Posted: Wed Jul 20 17:12:32 2016

LOST - Dog (Maya) - Female - Mixed Breed Female Dog, Black and Tan with White

Please contact us if you hear of our female dog Maya who went missing in Maida Vale last evening. She has a red collar and is Microchipped.

Location: London

Posted: Tue Jul 12 20:06:03 2016

LOST - Cat (Toby) - Male - Egyptian Mau street cat; amber/green eyes

Please help us find our Toby. He is a young male, very agile and fast. He is very slim and long at the same time. He might be scared so he might adopt a defence position or try to run from you; he may also try to scratch you a bit. But he is the most loving, caring affectionate cat and we are afraid that he might be lost or injured somewhere.

Location: Warwickshire

Posted: Mon Jul 11 13:36:41 2016


Please help me find Zizou who has been missing since Friday 8th July 2016

Location: London

Posted: Sat Jul 9 21:08:40 2016

FOUND - Cat - Unknown - Back & white

Mainly black cat with white. Spends a lot of time in our garden and tries to come indoors.

Location: Suffolk

Posted: Wed Jul 6 10:35:10 2016

LOST - Dog (Molly) - Female - Female brindle pitbull

She was stolen. Wearing red and black harness last time I seen her.

Location: Georgia

Posted: Sun Jul 3 23:40:29 2016

LOST - Dog (Storm) - Male - 3 year old Black Shih Tzu with one missing eye

On 30 June 2016 at 8;00a.m. Storm ran off without his collar. He had just recently been bath. He only has one eye and he was a rescue dog so we really need to find him. We really miss him and hope he returned safely to us.

Location: Texas