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Posted: Fri Sep 19 17:07:25 2014

LOST - Cat (Monique) - Female - Black kitten with white spot on her chest

If lost my kitten it escaped from a second floor window. It's black with a white spot. Reward offered if found.

Location: Berkshire

Posted: Wed Sep 17 11:25:07 2014

LOST - Cat (Lucky) - Male - Black, friendly, dribbles slightly, soft fur

Lucky is a friendly, small cat, he looks just like a mini panther.

Location: Surrey

Posted: Tue Sep 16 22:03:59 2014

LOST - Cat (MAX) - Male - Short haired white & tabby

Max was last seen on Thursday 11th September 2014, he is a large cat with four white socks, a white chest and green eyes and he has had a broken leg in the past, so he cannot bend his back left leg and sits with it sticking out. He does not wear a collar, but he is microchipped.

Location: Cheshire

Posted: Fri Sep 12 02:35:27 2014

LOST - Dog (rubin) - Male - ruby cavalier king charles

ruby cavalier king Charles lost in s26 area on the 11 September 2014 if any body has picked him up please contact me via email he is ruby in coulour as a white muzzle and is castrated childs pet he is missing him microchipped

Location: Yorkshire

Posted: Fri Sep 12 01:49:56 2014

LOST - Dog (Brewie) - Male - Red/brown Boxer-Lab mix, 60 lb.; friendly but shy

Reward if found; please contact with any information.

Location: Maryland

Posted: Mon Sep 8 09:10:52 2014

LOST - Dog (Roscoe) - Male - 15 month old Labrador X, athletic looking

Our dog Roscoe went missing on Monday 8 September 2014 from 95 Hutchinson Avenue, most likely stolen. He is 16 months old, athletic looking, floppy ears, strong long tail. He is a black labrador cross, possible with a pointer or boxer. Has a short, shiny coat.

Location: Auckland

Posted: Sat Sep 6 23:55:13 2014

LOST - Cat (Nutmeg) - Female - 2 year old neutered female calico tortie

Nutmeg went missing from our garden on 14 July. She is a rescue cat, neutered and chipped, and had never strayed before. She is affectionate and gentle, and may have climbed into a vehicle as she was curious about cars. We miss her desperately. Reward if found.

Location: Avon

Posted: Tue Sep 2 04:44:14 2014

LOST - Cat (Lily) - Female - Slim build, average size, grey short fur, chipped

Our cat Lily has been missing for over 4 weeks from Purfleet, Essex (but may be anywhere by now). Please look out for her. There is a reward for information leading to her return and for anyone who can reunite us. You can contact us on 07702063216 if you think you have seen her or know someone who has taken in a cat like her recently. She is microchipped so can be scanned by a vet who will be able to access our details. Thank you!

Location: Essex

Posted: Tue Sep 2 00:07:58 2014

FOUND - Cat - Male - Bengal cross, Mau, or similar. Microchipped.

Microchip proving very difficult to trace. Stripy, with grey & red colours through coat. Neutered. Tall, very friendly, and vocal. Found in very good condition, approx. 15th July 2014

Location: Berkshire

Posted: Sun Aug 31 21:16:00 2014

FOUND - Dog - Male - mix breed Boston Terrier & Jack Russell

Found this dog walking along Walnut St & Watkins St in Tigard on 8/31/14 @ 10:30am.

Location: Oregon