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Posted: Fri Feb 27 00:56:30 2015

LOST - Cat (Lariska) - Female - WHITE/BLACK FEMALE CAT with black spot on chin

Lariska went missing on the evening of 24/02 from Old Trafford area in Manchester. She is very friendly cat and may have followed someone and gotten lost! She is mainly white with black patches in a cow-like pattern, small black spot on chin and forehead. She also gets dry brown residue in inner corners of her eyes.

Location: Lancashire

Posted: Thu Feb 26 20:51:11 2015

LOST - Cat (Colin) - Male - Friendly 4 year old black male cat

Colin has been missing from Hampden Road in Sale since Friday 20th February. Please contact me if you think you have seen him as I'm very worried about him.

Location: Cheshire

Posted: Sun Feb 22 01:49:15 2015

LOST - Bird (Spyro) - Male - Yellow Pearl Pied

He is missed by his best friend my 9 year old daughter. She has been crying herself to sleeps since he flew away. Please help bring him home to her. 2 seconds of your time to HELP by SHARING this poster to help my daughter find her best friend. Every little bit helps to spread the word and hopefully get Spyro home. https://www.facebook.com/SpyroTheCockatiel

Location: Victoria

Posted: Sat Feb 21 00:30:48 2015

LOST - Dog (Max) - Male - Black, terrier cross, floppy ears, microchipped

microchipped for ireland chip no 96800010271106 with pet trace cannot seem to upload a photo of max, have you an email i can send it too please.

Location: London

Posted: Wed Feb 11 22:22:30 2015

LOST - Bird (Rosy) - Female - She is not that large size of 2 soda cans

Plz if you do see her or you may have her call me and I will come and get her she means the world to me and she is just a baby still and someone had broken into our backyard and let her out and she flew away. She is very nice and bright color her head is a bright red and her stomach is a purple/ blue if you do see her tho plz🙏 call me (408) 665-6669 cell phone or (408) 201-3858

Location: California

Posted: Mon Feb 9 10:50:04 2015

LOST - Cat (Aston) - Male - Cream/White persian with fudge ears and blue eyes.

Last seen at 1am on Sunday morning. Left house and hasn't been back since. He is a rescue from the Middle East and I brought him back 2 years ago. He is timid and always hungry. Please can call me on 07527 270220 if you see him.

Location: Oxfordshire

Posted: Sat Feb 7 14:46:35 2015

LOST - Dog (Whiskey) - Male - Creme and white terrier cross knee high hieght

Whiskey ran away during recent storms from Morley home. Sadly missed and we are searching for him. Placed ad on gumtree and pets of Perth Facebook sites. He is creme and white in colour. His hair is whispy in areas on his body. No collar or chip but has been de sexed. scruffy looking dog.... Hard to say exactly what breed he is as he is cross. Dingo in size and frame, crime and white coat.

Location: Australia

Posted: Wed Jan 21 17:14:09 2015

LOST - Cat (perry) - Male - siamese apricot point

hes a very friendly siamese cat, not been out much before so could be hiding somewhere warm

Location: Kent

Posted: Thu Jan 8 17:34:03 2015

LOST - Cat (Saber) - Male - blue eyes, white chest paws and brown stripes

hi, my cat has been missing for over 10 days now, he is not a outdoor cat and we want to get him home as soon as we can, his name is saber, he is a very friendly cat, he has piercing blue eyes, a creamy beige colour back which has brown stripes over them, a white chest and belly and paws on his tail it has loops of brown over it, please if anyone has any information could they let us know, a reward is also offered if cat is found

Location: London

Posted: Wed Jan 7 19:38:53 2015

LOST - Cat (Annie) - Female - Female Tortoiseshell, small and very Fluffy!

Annie is a Tortoiseshell cat, Long fluffy fur, with Torti markings on top of her head, top of back and partially the sides, and all of the tail, the rest is White. She is very timid and was last seen on the 23rd December 2014 at 2.30am, Very Missed! :(

Location: Warwickshire