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Posted: Mon Jul 28 09:43:32 2014

FOUND - Cat - Male - Black Kitten

Found black kitten, male, approx 3 mths on July 24th on Hints Road, Hopwas. If he is yours please come and get him! He is clearly someone's as he uses litter tray and is very used to being handled.

Location: Staffordshire

Posted: Sun Jul 27 04:56:15 2014

LOST - Cat (Homer) - Male - Black and White with a white line down his face

Homer is 3 years old he is a indoor cat no collar not castrated, and no chip, he is a black and white cat with a line of white down his face, he has a brother who misses him

Location: Lanarkshire

Posted: Fri Jul 18 03:08:56 2014

LOST - Dog (hey now) - Male - small black curly tail pointed ears

pleAse contact mike 353-6051

Location: Arizona

Posted: Tue Jul 15 09:54:25 2014

LOST - Cat (cleo) - Male - white short hair with odd Grey taby

A very friendly cat that loves to drop at your feet for attention. Has big round eyes that looks like he's wearing eyeliner. Children and I are really missing him

Location: London

Posted: Wed Jul 9 13:24:48 2014

FOUND - Dog (?) - Male - Black little white spot on back paw and chest

found 7/5/14

Location: Maryland

Posted: Tue Jul 8 03:12:23 2014

LOST - Dog (Hunter) - Male - Black, tan and little white on chest and stomach

Shy dog, Black on his back, tan around lower body, a little white on chest and stomach. a year and 6 months old.

Location: Texas

Posted: Mon Jul 7 18:03:01 2014

FOUND - Cat - Male - Brown/black tom cat with whits paws and markings

Hello. The above tom cat moved in to my home about two and a half weeks ago. He was in a bit of a poor condition. Coat very thin and he was extremely hungry with a very bloated torso due to worms. He has many teeth missing and looks like he has had a few run ins with rats etc due to his chewed up ears! I have been feeding him since and wormed him and given him flea drops. His torso is now normal and he can move again to wash! He is very loving and I think he has had a home at one point due to his behavior but I cannot locate any owners. He spends all of his day with me, from about 7am-10.30pm when he goes out all night. He is happy and very loving and I am more than happy to look after him/keep him but wonder if he has owners who miss him. He seems to have been living and scrounging about the area of Talog for some time from what little I can find out about him. If you own him, know anything about him or no longer care for him, please let me know.

Location: Carmarthenshire

Posted: Mon Jul 7 16:45:28 2014

LOST - Bird (Obi) - Male - African grey parrot. Mostly grey with a red tail.

Obi was last seen on Thursday 3 July in a tree in Lloyd Park. He has a closed ring on one foot, and a claw missing from one toe. He will be hungry and thirsty, so please offer him some apple and some water. Thank you.

Location: London

Posted: Sun Jul 6 14:29:32 2014

FOUND - Parrot (Tina Sanderson) - Unknown - green and red

Alexandrine parrot found on Gloodwick Rd Oldham Sat 5/7/14

Location: Lancashire

Posted: Sun Jun 29 20:45:11 2014

LOST - Dog (Dipsy) - Female - Female brindle staff white tip on tail,

Lost my baby girl. She was being looked after by a friend and never gave her back to me, she is a 10'year old brindle stuffy she has a white patch on her chest and a scar on her tummy.. She is my life and am heartbroken without her, if any information leads to her being back with me then I am willing to pay a generous reward... Thankyou, 07507185813

Location: London