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Posted: Mon Jun 6 02:06:45 2016

LOST - Cat (Tonto) - Male - Snowy Bengal with bright blue eyes

Tonto is our beloved snowy Bengal.]He is my 9 year old son's pet and they adore each other. We are incredibly worried.

Location: London

Posted: Tue May 17 23:38:42 2016

FOUND - Cat - Unknown - Bengal Cat

Seen in Rye New York. Playland access.

Location: New York

Posted: Mon May 16 23:00:50 2016

LOST - Cat (Misha) - Female - Brwn w blk stripes. White belly paws & chest

Has/d pink claw covers (soft paws) on. White chest, neck, belly, and paws. Brown with black stripes and spots. Tail twitches. Small in size, >8lbs. White 'eyeliner'.

Location: New Jersey

Posted: Sun May 15 21:23:18 2016

LOST - Dog (sunnygirl) - Female - Gold & White Corgi-Chihuahua-Jack Russell

Jack Russell size Chihuahua with big Corgi ears & combination jack russell Chihuahua curly tail. Mostly gold, except her underside tapers to white 12-14 inches tall 15-18 pounds has a cherry eye support dog

Location: California

Posted: Thu May 12 13:07:02 2016

LOST - Dog (Sunnygirl) - Female - Corgi Chihuahua Jack Russell Emotional Support Dog

Jack Russell size Chihuahua with Corgi ears and combination Jack Russell-Chihuahua curly tail. 12-14 inches tall and weighs 15-18 pounds. Gold with tapered white underside. She's my son's emotional support dog. Taken out of my car in the Porter Ranch walmart parking lot on February 3, 2016 early in the morning when it was still cold, it was about 60-65 degrees outside & I was only gone maybe 10 minutes. Just ran in to get her dog food & flea stuff

Location: California

Posted: Wed May 11 15:29:41 2016

LOST - Cat (Jasper) - Male - Medium size tom cat with a small and fluffy face

We recently moved house and Jasper went missing from our back garden. He is shy and timid around new people. He is a medium size cat and his fur is slightly longer than average. The markings he has are all symmetrical. He is not the most streetwise of cats so we are very worried about him.

Location: Essex

Posted: Mon May 9 07:27:52 2016

LOST - Cat (Tiger) - Male - Is grey and white and looks like a cow

Please if anyone finds him bring him home we are very worried

Location: London

Posted: Tue Apr 26 00:56:47 2016

LOST - Cat (Minkey) - Female - Brown tabby with bushy tail and fluffy ears

Please help to find my Minkey. Lost since 20th April and I miss her so much. She such a sweet cat but cautious too... so it's so strange that she's disappeared.

Location: Hampshire

Posted: Fri Apr 22 23:02:12 2016

LOST - Cat (Zeus) - Male - Ginger and white short haired

Missing since Tuesday 19 April

Location: Suffolk

Posted: Thu Mar 31 14:49:07 2016

FOUND - Cat - Unknown - Found a cat in Greenhithe, Auckland

Found a cat late March in Pitoitoi Avenue Greenhithe and have been giving it shelter till its owner is found. Please call me on 021 433 946 with proof if this is your cat.

Location: Auckland