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Found a Pet Instructions

Go to Homepage and click on "FOUND PET"

Enter the details as requested, which will be added to the database automatically.

Write a message in the message box - This message will appear to all people that search our database - Please only display your key contact details.

Note - Please be specific about the pet you have found in your message.

Lost a Pet Instructions

Please click on "Lost Pet" on The Homepage.

Please enter as much information as possible about your lost pet.

Also please choose bullet points for your message. e.g. "Brown Labrador cross breed dog with one ear" - of course this will capture more readers eyes than just Found Brown dog"

Use the search facility to search for Lost and Found Pets. Try for example black and cat - then click on the Search button.

In case of user error, please search through the database changing the search fields.

If you do have any technical problems please do not hesitate to email us at info@lostyourpet.net

Thank You for using our service. We aim to deliver the best possible customer service.